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2017-01-17 Return...
Safety. Choose password wisely.
How many times we hear various news about next breaking of e-mail password or account with subsequent negative consequences. More than once many companies warned clients and users that it is worth thinking how you make your password and store it.

Now, many Internet resources place criteria of optimum password, forcing users to think of safety, but it didn``t break the situation yet. What to say about HYIPs where even administrations of many projects do not find time to secure themselves against unauthorized penetration.

We will give some moments below, what to do at selection of a password and that you should not do.

At first that you have to learn is to remember your password. Yes, an obvious thing, but quite often there are situations when people forget and then pass necessary operation for restoration. First of all, always register such a password that you are able to remember. It is possible to add to this subject such a point as password generators which often bring as a method of creation of a password by various blogs. It is an option, but we would not call it useful in view of the fact that such creation of a password differs in nothing from casual knocking on a keyboard, and in a consequence, you will not be able to remember it and reproduce. But it is also acceptable option if you absolutely have no imagination or lazy enough to make a code.

The second factor is its complexity. Here has to be used all your imagination and your memory. As password has to be memorable (but only for you!), you will need such information that no one have except you. It is difficult to reach and perhaps you will need some manipulations. As an example, you can write down the street where you live, along with house number.

Of course, you can say that at correct approach, other person will be able to figure out your password, but only in case it short and simple. And it means that you have to com_e. How about to write your street + your mobile phone? For a stranger who doesn``t know your contacts, it will be very difficult to solve such code.

The third criterion - watch actuality of your password. In case when you use for a long time (year or some years) the same set of code, you can have problems. Of course, it``s not a fact that you will be cracked, but if such purpose exist, over time hackers can do it. The decision - change you password. Not necessary more difficult, but distinctive from the initial one. Thus, you will significantly secure yourself.

One more important factor is use of the same password on many resources and contacts. Most of people neglects this fact, and by the way, cases are frequent when malefactors received control over email, account, accounts in various projects only thanks to existence of the same password. Proceeding from it, try to think up some passwords for various needs, thus, even when one of them was hacked, the others will be in safety.

These are basic rules of making up a password and if you adhere to them, cracking you will be almost unreal.

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