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How to choose HYIP with high-efficiency
The Analysis and Choice of HYIP Programs

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2016-06-20 Return...
How to choose HYIP with high-efficiency
1. Introduction
As is known to all, HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is a high-yield Investment project with high-risk. Industry pundits would equate it with a Ponzi scheme. Knowing that is a scam, but there are still tens of thousands of new people to join every day at home and abroad because of its charming.
HYIP is an industry. There are a lot of people passionately focusing on it, mainly including HYIP site developers, HYIP monitoring site owners and financial services provider for HYIP, such as kinds of electronic payment platform, etc. As a HYIP investor, we, of course, also are one of them.
Every day there are a lot of projects opening, meanwhile, many projects closed, like tidal version ups and downs and never stopping. How to identify good HYIP project from the mixture of good and bad HYIP is the most difficult puzzle before each HYIP investor.
2. Choose HYIP steps
Step 1: check the domain and server
After finding a HYIP project, the first thing to do is to use whois tool to check about the site domain name and server information, which is very important. If the domain of time is only one year, and the time you find it is close to the domain name expired time, directly give up. If the domain name is for three years or longer, you can pick it into your basket and check it further. On the server, it is better to choose dedicate server project. The project with shared server is easy to be affected due to programs on the same server being attacked or arising problems.
Step 2: check the website design and content
1. The first impression. A unique design of the page is often very eye-catching and tend to be attracted and multiple access. It will bring a lot of traffic to the site, which means more possible investment, so there may be a long lifetime.
2. The _. Currently HYIP website mainly adopts Goldcoders, H-_ and Shadow_. If the _ of one HYIP is out of these three _s, just be careful.
3. The network security factors. Safety is the fundamental guarantee of persistent a project. A regular site, such as attacks on a website with information leakage risk, who dare to invest? The most common safety insurances are from the SSL security certificate and the design to prevent DDOS attacks.
4. Company information. If HYIP doesn````````t provide any formal company information, I advise to not invest. Although sometimes company information is false, but at least to prepare the company information need cost. Sometimes in order to avoid the flaw, it is necessary to do a lot of other work.
5. Language versions. The preferred HYIP support multiple languages. More languages can facilitate investors from different countries to participate in. More people, more money, longer lifetime and lower risk. Meanwhile, translation itself needs cost.
6. The investment plan. Check carefully the investment plans. If there is a very unusual investment scheme, especially the common so-called VIP solution, such as return to 2100% in 30 days, immediately give up, even if the whole scheme _s several reasonable investment plans.
7. Recommended. Check the referral bonuses to attract investors to join and promotion is reasonable or not. If once finding referral bonuses of more than 10%, be careful.
8. Contact information. If HYIP programs have a com_ation of social networking site account, E-mail, online customer service, contact telephone number and website message system, is very attractive. The most important thing is to check if you can get a reply in a timely manner and research the reply is fraud or not.
9. Payment account credit and authentication information. When depositing using electronic payment system, such as PerfectMoney or Payza, you can see the state of their account, including credit value or verification. If the credit value is too low and it is not verified, please be _!
Step 3: check and evaluate the ads on BBS and monitoring
BBS and monitoring sites are not only a place to find HYIPs, but also a guide and adviser. We can use the information provided by BBS and monitoring website to choose HYIP. Of course, we talk about reliable and trusted monitor and real discussion on BBS.
1. The number of observation stations, payment condition. If a HYIP recorded by multiple monitoring sites at the same time without bad payment records, it can be considered.
2. The quantity and quality of advertising. If a HYIP put their banners on the eye-catching place of each big BBS and monitoring website, you can join it.
3. User review. Select a HYIP which is received good comments on the BBS and monitoring site. When necessary, contact the user who leaves the review to prove the reality.
Step 4: tracking the site data
HYIP sites typically offer a static date on the main page number, such as the number of users, reserve amount, profit margins and other data information. It is a technique work to observe carefully at the record, analysis the number changes, and predict the tendency of the project from the data.
1. The running time. According to the investment plan of a HYIP to calculate how many investment cycles has finished. If the point you want to join it has more than one investment cycle, please be cautious.
2. The number of users. Continuous recording to observe a HYIP user growth, through the icon is displayed, away from the slowdown, or the project zero growth.
3. The change of profit rate. Some HYIPs provide fluctuation rate, for example, they promise daily profit is fluctuated between 0.6% and 2.5%. And then if you find the profit rate is continuously below 1% more than a week, please don't invest there.
The above elements mentioned are necessary and valuable to be considered. Of course, the program which can meet all of the above conditions is difficult to find. Take all the above various factors into account, and then make the final choice.
3. Conclusion
HYIP investment belongs to high-risk investment projects; therefore, the choice of the project directly decides whether you can be in profit or not. The overall guiding ideology is calculating the cost of the HYIP. The larger cost the HYIP pays, the longer cycle the admin of HYIP get money back, and the longer lifetime the HYIP will be. We should consider seriously various factors in the process of HYIP selection and decide when to join in and when to give up. Do not hesitate; do not delay and making profit is possible by HYIP. At last, I have to friendly tell you don't invest more than you can afford!

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