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1 . What is GoldHyipSite.com?
2 . How Much Can I Make?
3 . How Much Can I Invest?
4 . How Do I Invest?
5 . How do I decide which program to put money in?
6 . How Do I Know They Are Not Scams?
7 . How to earn money and is it really that easy?
8 . Earning money. Advertising. Payment processor.
9 . Quick start for earning.
10 . What is Liberty Reserve?
11 . What is Rating Seal?
12 . What is your Privacy Policy?
13 . What the symbols are used in your service?

1. What is GoldHyipSite.com?
GoldHyipSite.com is a listing and monitoring site for both HYIPS and paid websites. GoldHyipSite.com is an gives you the opportunity for powerful advertising and a system to earn monthly income. We supply programs that have a proven track record. While the internet is full of programs that promise the world, you yourself never have an idea if they are for real or not. GoldHyipSite.com takes out the guessing game. We use the programs for a testing period to make sure they live up to what they claim!

2. How Much Can I Make?
It depends entirely on how much you invest (obviously the more you invest, the more you make), and the daily percentage of the program (higher daily percentage = more money daily).

3. How Much Can I Invest?
Depends on the company. Some companies allow you to invest from $1, and most have no upper limit. Check the specific company for more details.

4. How Do I Invest?
You invest your Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Pecunix, ECU Money into the companies. Actually making the transaction is simple, enter the amount you wish to invest, and away you go.

5. How do I decide which program to put money in?
This kind of decision is totally Yours but here are a few things You could do before deciding to put your hardly earned money in a PTS program:
• Look at the program payout ratio.
• The payout statistics and last date added.
• Read the voter comments and ratings.
• Try to post a support email to the owner to see if is responsive.
• If it is a free to join site test it before spending.

6. How Do I Know They Are Not Scams?
Simple and straight answer: You don't. You can take advice from people in the industry, read forum posts. The decision to join should be entirely your own, and you should understand the risks involved.

7. How to earn money and is it really that easy?
Autosurfing really is a great way to gain a two things. First, you can gain a major amount of traffic to your URL. Best of all, you earn money. Now you can start earning an extra $500, $1,000, $2,000, $10,000, $16,000 or even more monthly - working from your comfortable computer chair! Earn money simply by browsing through 10-50 websites a day per program. That's less than 2 hours per day to earn some incredible profits, with NO Sponsoring Required! All programs are FREE to join! However, if you purchase a membership upgrade, you will start earning profits today! Minimum memberships range from $1 up to $10 which can earn you 1% up to 25% rate of return.

8. Earning money. Advertising. Payment processor.

Earning money is very simple. Join one of my proven programs and purchase a membership. The membership last for a select number of days and you earn a select % everyday on your membership upgrade. So for example, you join Surf Program and purchase a membership upgrade for $6. All you need to do is surf 15 sites everyday and you will earn 10% or $0.60 for 14 days. That $6 membership just earned you $8.40. You just earned $2.40 profit. Now that is a minimum membership upgrade, so any higher membership upgrade will earn more.

Advertising. The second benefit from auto-surfing is that you get tons of advertising. Every day when you surf, you are gaining credits to your account. These credits, can be applied to your URL that you would like to advertise. If you don't have a web-site, no problem. Every time you join one of these proven programs, they give you your own personal URL for the program to advertise. You can simple insert that URL and gain exposure to it.

Payment processor. Before joining any of these proven programs, you will need a payment processor. Most of them take Liberty Reserve ( this is what I prefer & I believe it is the most secure). Simply join Liberty Reserve for FREE and you can now use it to purchase a membership.


9. Quick start for earning.

Here is a simple run down on Kingofautosurf, the other autosurf programs work the same.
1. Signup for a free account here: Kingofautosurf
2. Sign up for a FREE Secured Liberty Reserve account
3. Upgrade the account (minimum $3, maximum $3000). Pay with a FREE Liberty Reserve account.
4. Login daily to your account and browse through 10 websites. That's 10 minutes daily work. The websites are shown automatically, 25 seconds each, in your account back-office. All you have to do is sit and watch. You also earn "website show credits" 1:1. Every time you look at a site, another member is looking at YOUR website (of your choice).

You earn 3 % daily of your membership amount.
Ex. Upgrade with $30 ($1 upgrades). The period runs for 80 days. You earn 3% daily of your upgrade amount = $0.90 daily for 80 days, totaling 80 x $0.90 = $72 which is paid to your Liberty Reserve account. Net profits: $74 - $30 = $44 profits.
Imagine what a $100 or more membership would earn!
Repeat the process: Upgrade with $30 or the $74 you just earned.


10. What is Liberty Reserve?
Liberty Reserve is an online payment system and provider of digital gold currency (LR-gold). They are an offshore company incorporated in Costa Rica, launching their USD backed digital currency (LR-USD) in 2002 and they also have a Euro backed digital currency (LR-EUR). Their gold backed digital currency was launched in 2005.
More information here.

11. What is Rating Seal?
Always look out for our rating seal or other voting monitors around Autosurfs and HYIPs. They are a mark of seriousness and openess toward their service. Our Rating Seal indication of Seriousness & Openess to Voting.
GoldHYIPSite.com Rating Seal &

12. What is your Privacy Policy?
The only information we collect is for the smooth and secure functioning of the website. We collect your email address and IP address when you use the site or vote. We do not give out individual information to any third parties unless required to by law.

13. What the symbols are used in your service?
waiting for first payout

program is paying as scheduled

problem with missing payouts, problem with server etc.

program stopped paying

program rated by user as very good

program rated by user as good

program rated by user as bad

program rated by user as very bad

new program in our service

cashout from program


If you have any questions at all, please contact us.
We are here to help you turn your dreams into reality in 2009!
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