News - The Best HYIP Monitor and Rating en-us2017-01-1 - Safety. Choose password wisely. many times we hear various news about next breaking of e-mail password or account with subsequent negative consequences. More than once many compa... 2016-06-2 - How to choose HYIP with high-efficiency Introduction As is known to all, HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is a high-yield Investment project with high-risk. Industry pundits would eq... 2016-05-0 - The Analysis and Choice of HYIP Programs choosing a program you should stick to following rules. Learn about the set of rules applied, which need to be followed, when making your ana... 2016-04-1 - 10 basic mistakes of HYIP investor is an opinion that each person learns from one````s mistakes, thus receiving invaluable experience. In real life necessary experience you can ge... 2016-03-1 - SolidFunds came online program called SolidFunds that among investors already in first ten days have gained quite wide popularity. SolidFunds is listed ... 2015-12-2 - CryptoLimited 21th of December administrator that everyone was waiting joined Platinum listing. From the first sight, CryptoLimited is considerably simple, but I... 2015-09-2 - LiderFinance 24th of September LiderFinance joined Standard listing with $200 reinvestment. Project LiderFinance only in past week have started broader advertis... 2013-05-2 - Day-Fund, I must say that this project from a design point of view is done well and looks quite quality one. From the first sight it is clear that it is a ... 2013-02-1 - Finance Return you see mostly projects with Forex and investing legends around every day it is nice to see something like Finance Return what have excellent leg... 2012-12-2 - 1 Million USD - Easy Investing Million USD from a design point of view is a beautiful project with very simple title. Administration or designer (decide by yourself) has finished ... All news