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Wiredpay - pay online fast!
Pogram Details
Program: SolidFunds Visit Program
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(Added: 2016-03-16 - 1406 days)

Interest and Payout: 300% after 20 min
650% after 45 min
1400% after 90 min
2850% after 185 min
$1 Minimum Payout
Withdrawal: Automatic, Daily
Deposit Limits: Min deposit: 1$
Max deposit: 10000$
Referral: 19%, 10%
Invested: 800.00$
Our Rating: Our Rating 5
Users Rating: 208
Description: SolidFunds is an investment online-program, owned trading company, which specializing in buy/sell of precious metals. Precious metals have become a popular way to ensure your money in time of world financial crisis. Big experience at this market allows us to purchase precious metals in larger quantities at discounts.
Processors: Payeer  WiredPay  BitCoin  Perfect Money  

Ratings stats:

Very good
91 votes

14 votes

0 votes

Very bad
0 votes

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